Welcome to SpringFactor

We are an international research consultancy working in complex environments, dedicated to building peace and stability. Built on lessons learnt from our founder’s nearly 25 years experience in both policy and practice, we offer services ranging from policy research, evaluations and project development to lectures and moderation.

SpringFactor’s founder

“When working as a diplomat in challenging environments across Africa and the Balkans, I discovered my drive: to work with young people who, against all odds, connect globally to shape their futures together. I left diplomacy and founded SpringFactor in 2012. It has been a fantastic journey. I now dedicate my expertise to those organisations who want to contribute to positive change.”

Marije is an experienced policy researcher, evaluator and concept developer, specialised in public private partnerships. She is also adjunct professor in International Relations and a member of the Advisory Board of Nuffic’s Orange Knowledge Programme.

Staff Springfactor

Staff & mentoring

Do you remember who helped you take the first steps at the beginning of your career? At SpringFactor research consultancy we invest time and effort into mentoring young talents with ambitions – and who strive to make the world a better place.

What we offer

Policy Research & Evaluations

We provide insightful research and evaluations combined with practitioner analysis to inform your key decisions. Visit our blog for challenging reflections on current developments and check our portfolio on our work page.

Project development

We provide consultancy services for programme and project design, develop project concepts and proposals and match organisations to donors & sponsors and vice versa.

Lectures & moderation

We provide tailor-made courses for universities and institutions. We contribute to the success of your event as a (key note) speaker, chairperson or moderator. For more information and to discuss your needs, please email our agent for speaker and moderation services Mrs Marga Miltenburg: info@zijspreekt.nl


To promote increased engagement of international organisations, companies, NGO’s and governments in challenging environments and fragile states, by identifying and utilising their growth potential while operating in a socially sustainable way.