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We help our clients succeed in challenging environments and tap into the potential of the new generation.

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We are passionate about youth, entrepreneurship and education. We engage on migration and refugees issues and help deliver positive and sustainable change through partnerships.

SpringFactor works with a variety of organisations, governments and companies on policy research, evaluation and project development.

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BBC Earth@BBCEarth
#SevenWorldsOnePlanet Behind-the-scenes #EarthOnLocation. Share your stories #EarthCapture This is a page from BBC Studios who help fund new BBC programmes.
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@BBCEarth: When you wanna dance to the song on your headphones, but you’re in a public place 🤷‍♀️ #SevenWorldsOnePlanet #justdoit https://t.co/LAjF5Ik8Y7
Jaw to jaw is better than war, said Churchill. But traditional diplomacy is being undermined. Good read: ‘Diplomacy, disrupted’ https://t.co/YiLOrGRQH4
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Clingendael Inst.@Clingendaelorg
The Clingendael Institute is a leading think tank and academy on international affairs which aims to contribute to a secure, sustainable and just world.
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@Clingendaelorg: New report: A way forward for positive #migration governance in #Libya | From abuse to cohabitation

Download now: https://t.co/NqBxlbl0CO

@NancyEzzeddine & @JMJalel_H & Floor El Kamouni Janssen https://t.co/lAyQfxVzdL
Interesting findings by Nobel prize-winning economist Esther Duflo on #migration: 'We (the West) will not be flooded even if borders are opened: people prefer to stay at home’. Yes, although there are some that really like to move around. https://t.co/gu8iJbys0Y
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Nuffic Global Development@NufficGD
Education is the engine for growth, everywhere. Nuffic's global development policy is based on strengthening competencies and skills through education&training
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@NufficGD: ‘Be complimentary to existing programmes, find the niche’: take away from on #expertmeeting on strengthening #fragile states & quality #education for refugees today. Happy with high level of experts sharing their knowledge for 1st #OrangeKnowledge calls we’ll publish in Q1 2020! https://t.co/NQoiqyNcZg
If this is true, the vast north of Mali is up for grabs. Imagine what its people are up against...L'armée malienne abandonne ses positions trop isolées et lance une vaste opération dans le centre du pays | Zone Militaire https://t.co/iXydnK1wUw

Marieke de Wal
Managing Director – Partnerships Resource Centre