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SpringFactor Research & Consultancy

We help our clients succeed in challenging environments and tap into the potential of the new generation.

Our work

We are passionate about youth, entrepreneurship and education. We engage on migration and refugees issues and help deliver positive and sustainable change through partnerships.

SpringFactor works with a variety of organisations, governments and companies on policy research, evaluation and project development.

Check out what our clients say

Trendy concept: organise a summit with the young generation. Laudable, but indeed you need the African leaders to respond and commit to addressing young people’s concerns, and they were missing. https://t.co/U6q2zVgBW9 https://t.co/GszF0sWw1f https://t.co/njere5EoSk
One of those inspiring speakers is @AngeMuyubira from Burundi: visited her Kaz'O'zah ethical fashion organization in Bujumbura. Looking forward to this @SPARKorg panel of women in business! https://t.co/4UnvfjHoYd https://t.co/Yl8NoqXNfd
Looking forward to attending this great annual event 12-14 Oct. featuring speakers who make marvellous things happen in very difficult environments #thread👇Register for online participation https://t.co/4UnvfjHoYd #ReimagineJobs https://t.co/3eHvuk3KcL
“Disaster scenarios like the pandemic play into an “accelerationist” tendency among violent extremists, which posits that the current order has failed and that one must accelerate its demise by stoking social division and violence” Analysis @GlobPeaceIndex https://t.co/PP7o2OenCo
This article ‘Guinea coup d’état, Mali junta, why coups dey return for Africa’ is best understood when read out loud #WestAfrican #pidgin #linguafranca https://t.co/P0DeiPMRbg

Marieke de Wal
Managing Director – Partnerships Resource Centre

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