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We help our clients succeed in challenging environments and tap into the potential of the new generation.

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We are passionate about youth, entrepreneurship and education. We engage on migration and refugees issues and help deliver positive and sustainable change through partnerships.

SpringFactor works with a variety of organisations, governments and companies on policy research, evaluation and project development.

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Adviesraad Internationale Vraagstukken@AIV_advies
Onafhankelijk advies voor regering & parlement, gevraagd en ongevraagd, over Europese samenwerking, mensenrechten, ontwikkelingssamenwerking, veiligheidsbeleid.
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@AIV_advies: De ministerraad heeft prof. A.G. (Bert) Koenders voorgedragen voor de benoeming tot voorzitter van de Adviesraad voor Internationale Vraagstukken. De heer Koenders volgt prof. mr. J.G. (Jaap) de Hoop Scheffer op. De benoeming gaat in op 1 januari 2022.
https://t.co/hLzq6MLNuR https://t.co/VSBqZjCtkh
Social distancing and the virus as an excuse not to have youth from the Global South participate…whereas whatever was decided concerns them and their future most, long after we’re gone. Kudos to delegations who made some youth participate, more next time https://t.co/6pxLPe2D0y
Was great to be part of yesterday’s event ‘Diplomacy in challenging times’ as a speaker for the SIR Global Honor Society for International Studies, organised by some of the best International Relations students I’ve had #reconnecting https://t.co/qu7c3OC64x
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UN Women@UN_Women
UN Women is the United Nations entity for gender equality and women's empowerment.
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@UN_Women: 25 November is the International Day to End Violence against Women & the world 🌎 is turning orange 🧡 to stand against gender-based violence. Let’s kick off the #16Days of Activism and #OrangeTheWorld! https://t.co/PO0fLmgLU7
Africa’s youth might be most affected by climate change @BrookingsInst Conferences let them talk - occasionally - but the question is whether their governments are listening https://t.co/Z5c80l2Mtc
Partly, because the same goes for non-Western backed regimes, like in Mali.

Marieke de Wal
Managing Director – Partnerships Resource Centre

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