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SpringFactor Research & Consultancy

We help our clients succeed in challenging environments and tap into the potential of the new generation.

Our work

We are passionate about youth, entrepreneurship and education. We engage on migration and refugees issues and help deliver positive and sustainable change through partnerships.

SpringFactor works with a variety of organisations, governments and companies on policy research, evaluation and project development.

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Backward steps in gender equality? It is #education and social protection that can help prevent #gender #inequality https://t.co/shuLOhaG1d
Time will tell, but scenario 3 is pretty bleak... https://t.co/8NJ33oI6CF
‘Food is far from an economic commodity, but rather a deeply social and even political one.’ With an additional 130 mn people pushed to the brink of starvation https://t.co/2zGRCapf15 https://t.co/pzaHidNgmz
Belgian king breaks silence on colonial past. How will this go down in Brussels’ #Matongé neighbourhood after sooo much time? https://t.co/FF9rq9kxfg
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Sarah Noll Wilson@sarahnollwilson
Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker, Facilitator, Researcher and Transformer of Teams. Proud of my ADHD and Panic Disorder brain. She/Her. #NeurodiverseSquad
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@sarahnollwilson: To my fellow humans - ride the waves when they come, rest when they are calm and keep looking to the horizon.

#COVID19 #leadership #resilience
Worried about this: the coronacrisis is used as an excuse to commit sexual violence on girls, boys, women #beyondoursights https://t.co/ojjCMtNYyN

Marieke de Wal
Managing Director – Partnerships Resource Centre