Our work

We deliver our services across a range of themes key to transforming complex contexts and work towards peace, stability and prosperity:

  • Youth, entrepreneurship and education
  • Migration and refugee issues
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and partnerships

Youth and education

Understanding the links between education, entrepreneurship and employment for young people is fundamental to our work. SpringFactor integrates a strong youth perspective into all our research and policy work, making it our business to include the new generation.

Migration and refugees

Catalysed by the migrant crisis in 2015, SpringFactor does research into why people leave their homes, either forced or voluntary. Our work focuses on root causes of migration and public-private partnerships combine to create livelihoods for migrants and refugees. Our message: Europe and Africa need to come together to jointly address problems around migration and refugees.

SDGs and partnerships

The Sustainable Development Goals aim at partnerships across both public and private sectors to address the most complex global challenges. SpringFactor is specialised to identify which issues matter locally, what holds the problem in its place, and who is key to promoting change. We help clients engage in issues important to the context and for longer periods. The combination of research and engagement helps facilitate the public-private partnerships inspired by the SDGs.


Since April 2012, SpringFactor has delivered services for clients from various sectors: government, diplomacy, international development, knowledge institutions and the private sector. While not all work, part of which took place in challenging environments, can be published, this section summarises the objectives and outcomes of a variety of projects.