country: Ivory Coast, November 2017

partner: Particip, European Commission

The DG for Development Co-operation of the European Union (DEVCO) requested a strategic evaluation of the EU development programmes during and after conflict in Ivory Coast, West Africa. The role of Marije Balt was to evaluate the peacebuilding and post-conflict reconstruction parts of the programme; the (economic) reintegration of former combatants (DDR); evaluated individual projects.The ‘modernisation of the civil state’, which is a challenge in Cote d’Ivoire due to the 3 mn persons without identity cards, and the sensitive issue of ‘ivoirité’ which affects the large community of migrants from Burkina Faso, and their access to assets such as land for agriculture. The field-based evaluation in Ivory Coast took place in 2017.

The EU published the Strategic Evaluation on the EU-Ivory Coast programme, in French. The team recommended to take into account the ‘factors of fragility’, important in the otherwise booming economy of Ivory Coast.


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