This report by Marije Balt, Rens Twijnstra and Valentijn Wortelboer (Ecorys) Final report Addressing Root Causes (ARC) Final Report is the outcome of a review process in 2020 that has involved a wide range of stakeholders, both in the Netherlands and in a selection of six countries where the Addressing Root Causes (ARC) program is being implemented.

This final report focuses on the extent to which the ARC program is on the right track to achieve its intended objectives. The ARC program is implemented by 21 consortia comprised of international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and local civil society organizations (CSOs) in 12 fragile and conflict-affected countries, namely Afghanistan, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Jordan, Lebanon, Mali, Pakistan, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan and Syria. In these countries, ARC-funded projects contribute to 1) Human Security; 2) Rule of Law; 3) Peace processes and Political Governance; and 4) Social and Economic Reconstruction.

Source: Knowledge Platform on Security and Rule of Law