Country/Date: September 2019
Partner: Partnerships Resource Centre/Erasmus University

We developed these tools including the infographics with the Partnerships Resource Centre, part of the Rotterdam School of Management, as part of its efforts to translate scientific research into actionable tools for its community of practice as well as policymakers.

These are self-assessments – based on academic articles – for public-private partnership, based on a number of sessions with such partnerships in the Netherlands.

Since it tested well, we produced a stand-alone tool with 3 sets of open questions, which partnerships can fill out through an interactive PDF. We encourage partners to compare their responses.

The Conditions for Success tool:

  • Assesses the performance of your partnership.
  • Identifies which conditions require action in order to enhance the partnership’s effectiveness and success.

The Collaboration Quick Scan is a four-step tool that helps:

  • Reflect on the nature of your relationship
  • Understand how value is created in your partnership
  • Identify the elements that need work in order to achieve maximum
  • impact
  • Identify where you are in building collaboration
  • Take action on important elements to optimise your partnership

Download conditions for success PDF

Download quick scan