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SpringFactor Research & Consultancy

We help our clients succeed in challenging environments and tap into the potential of the new generation.

Our work

We are passionate about youth, entrepreneurship and education. We engage on migration and refugees issues and help deliver positive and sustainable change through partnerships.

SpringFactor works with a variety of organisations, governments and companies on policy research, evaluation and project development.

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Het nuttigste boek dat ik gelezen heb deze zomer. Blijft bijzonder, buitenpromovendus zijn, een proefschrift schrijven naast een fulltime baan. Je houdt in ieder geval weinig tijd over om te twitteren…https://t.co/mGp2Q6RfaV
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CATS Network@CATS_Network
Hub for joint international research on Europe–Turkey relations. (Re)tweeted publications reflect the views of the author(s)/interviewees. https://t.co/L1SQiqR1LX
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@CATS_Network: African countries have increasingly become interested in buying Turkish military equipment, especially its more affordable unmanned aerial vehicles & armoured vehicles. More on Turkey's security & defence co-operation with African states 👉 https://t.co/RrS1ZMdjes

#TurkeyStudies https://t.co/laeJ75Fhfs
Congratulations Thea! Proud of my PhD supervisor prof. @hilhorst_thea @issnl @erasmusuni who has been awarded the prestigious Spinoza prize, the highest award in Dutch academia for outstanding and ground-breaking research #humanitarian #conflict #studies https://t.co/4zi4jCMKvQ
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Thea Hilhorst@hilhorst_thea
Professor of humanitarian studies at Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University. #AidSocietyRelations #bikepacking #SafeFieldwork #030 @flyingless
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@hilhorst_thea: Ik ben ongelooflijk vereerd, overdonderd, dankbaar en blij met de #Spinozapremie. Een geweldige erkenning van ons werk en het belang van #HumanitaireStudies. Dank, dank, dank. https://t.co/bklCpzlbB8

Marieke de Wal
Managing Director – Partnerships Resource Centre

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